Finally a team building activity everyone loves !

At Quiz Room, all team building games are played in pairs and/or trios, emphasizing players' abilities in collaboration, speed, and analysis.

With different rounds and jokers to choose from, the game pushes your employees to adapt, analyse and make quick, collective decisions as a team... while having a blast!

Quiz Room provides a unique experience to bring your employees closer together and is a great way to break the daily routine.

It's the perfect way to build team spirit, round off a day of meetings, or reward your people for a job well done.

Quiz Room is fantastic for team building and corporate events.

Quiz Room is accessible to everyone - where anyone can emerge victorious and all knowledge is valuable. Whether it's ingredients for a chocolate cake, lyrics by Rihanna, or hockey history, every bit of knowledge counts!

accessible to everyone


We recommend forming your teams (in pairs or trios) before the event. At Quiz Room, we highlight each team member's capacity to collaborate, manage stress, accelerate, and analyze.


Quiz Room is suitable for all the profiles within your company. We offer a wide range of questions tailored to the interests and age groups of your teams.

Your customized team building event

We can accommodate up to 36 people simultaneously in our centres.

Between 8 and 18 players will play together in the same room.

Each Quiz Room has 6 game podiums, where players are grouped into pairs or trios

For less than 8 people, please book online

unique corporate and team building event

Each Quiz Room event is tailored to meet the needs of your group. For more information, you can read our team building brochure.

Awesome team building events include :
- At least two quiz games of 30 to 40 min each
- Award ceremony, with a free game for the winning team
- Team photos on our staged TV set

We recommend forming your teams (in pairs or trios) before the event.

Contact us and book your event today!


3 times more fun

For those who revel in fun, laughter, and a lively atmosphere, for the perpetually energetic, and for those who refuse to let the good times end.



You can write the 10 personalized questions yourself or with the group. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the process. This small effort will add an extra dose of fun and make the event even that much more memorable!


Write up to 10 customized questions


Log on to your user account and provide the funny (or not!) answer options


Record your own voice-over! Like a super-duper comedian.


Surprise your team on the big day!

Turn it into a great networking session (optional)

Quiz Room offers spacious reception areas or dedicated function spaces for networking, drinks, and snacks after the game.

Our lounges are at your disposal to extend the fun after your games. You can even customize your own music playlist or project a presentation. Contact us to find out more!


We work with high quality caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages for all budgets, all tastes and all times of the day.

Ask for our catering and drinks options when you request a quote!

you ask a lot oF QUESTIONS

Where to go for team building ?

Organizing a team building event is an important way of improving team cohesion, communication and many other important aspects. To make sure you have a fun afternoon and get to know your colleagues in a fun and unique way, Quiz Room offers customized quizzes with the themes of your choice!

Why team building ?

Organizing a team-building event fosters a strong sense of cohesion within your team. It's an opportunity for everyone to bond, especially if they haven't already. And what better way to do it than while having a blast! For a refreshing change, Quiz Room provides a unique experience, perfect for breaking the ice!

How do you celebrate your company's anniversary or major milestone ?

You can elevate this festive day in various ways. Firstly, it's an excellent opportunity to organize a team-building activity, bringing all employees together. Quizzes are gaining popularity among companies, and Quiz Room is guaranteed to impress with its flexibility!