original and fun birthday party idea

The same struggle happens every year - coming up with an original and fun birthday party idea for a friend, family member or even yourself.

Save yourself the worry. This year, host and original and fun birthday party at Quiz Room !

Quiz Room will have your guests laughing, dancing and scheming with a fun, immersive trivia game for everyone to join in.
For kids birthday parties (ages 8 - 12 ) check out our Quiz Room Kids offer.

Personalize your birthday with unique questions (optional)

Alongside choosing the questions that promise a blast, you can inject even more fun by adding your own personalized questions. Imagine the laughter when the whole room tackles a question like How many years has it been since Jonathan last played sport?

To customize up to 10 questions, simply opt for this feature when booking online. Then, follow our writing guide and send us your questions at least 5 days before your booking date.

Catering and drinks (optional)

You can debrief your birthday game session in our spacious lounge where you can view detailed scores over a drink.

Continue the celebrations by blowing out the candles on your favourite cake and/or feed your guests with optional catering and drinks packages.
Contact us to find out more about our adult birthday party options.

you ask a lot of questions

How to organize a unique birthday party ?

Birthday parties aren't always easy to organize, especially between adults! How about a change from the classic after work drink to a fun and more memorable activity? Quiz Room offers personalized quizzes to get you and your friends laughing, making your birthday party a memorable experience, on weekdays or weekends!

Can I organize my own adult birthday party ?

At Quiz Room? Absolutely! When it comes to a birthday bash, having fun is key, but keeping guests entertained is a must. That's where Quiz Room comes in. With a variety of activities like quizzes and music quizzes, we ensure your party keeps the excitement going all night long. Our unforgettable and customizable experiences are accessible to everyone, making it the perfect choice for your celebration.

How do you organize a birthday party adults ?

To throw an epic birthday bash for your friend, start by choosing a theme and building an immersive environment around it! Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure everyone has a fantastic time filled with laughter and bonding. At Quiz Room, we provide everything you need to host a unique and personalized birthday celebration! Create unforgettable memories, and take home an extra board game, a group photo, and raise a toast after the game for a truly memorable experience!

Is Quiz Room a woman's favourite birthday present ?

A woman's favourite birthday gifts are often unique to her! Knowing her preferences is key to giving her what she truly desires. While jewelry, watches, clothing, and lingerie are popular choices, unique and unusual items are also highly sought after. For food enthusiasts, gourmet treats are a hit. But above all, experiences reign supreme! Give her the gift of a unique Quiz Room session, and you're guaranteed to bring a smile to her face!

How to choose the right gift certificate ?

To choose the best birthday gift for a loved one, it's important that the gift matches the recipient's tastes and desires. So you'll need to find out a lot about the person... And how best to get to know your friends? Choose the Original Quiz or the Music Quiz!

How to wish someone happy birthday in an original way ?

To wish someone a truly memorable happy birthday, your message should reflect the unique experiences you've shared together. Get creative with your format and make it personal! At Quiz Room, we offer immersive TV-style quizzes where you can include personalized questions about your friend. It's the perfect way to make their birthday celebration unforgettable.