Frequently Asked Questions

See below answers to the most common questions about the game, reservations and how to access our premises. This is a good thing, questions are our thing!

Can we play with less than 4 players?

Unfortunately you cannot play with less than 4 players. If you show up with 3 (or alone or as a pair), we won't be able to let you play.

What is the minimum age?

It is possible to play from 8 years old and up to any age, as long as the participant is able to spend 1 hour in the room, standing or sitting. The questions are adapted to the age of the participants: children, students, adults, families… there is something for all types of groups! You can find more information for a specific audience on dedicated pages such as Kids or Team Building.

Do you have to be brainy to have fun?

The questions are within the grasp of everyone; they are mostly drawn from popular culture rather than from traditional general knowledge as taught in school. Several questions per section do not require knowledge at all (reasoning, memorisation, observation, etc.).

If you would like more advanced questions, we can raise the difficulty level of the questions. Children are also welcome thanks to our especially adapted Quiz Room Kids game.

Don’t forget that the questions are only one component of the Quiz Room experience: you need to rely on your intuition, your slyness, your speed and your collaboration (when playing as a team) to win!

How will our group be organised in the Quiz Room?

Each Quiz Room has 6 game podiums. If you are 6 or less players you will each get your own podium. If you have 7 or more players then podiums will be shared with 2 or 3 players per podium.

Can people in wheelchairs play?

It is fine for people in wheelchairs to enter the Quiz Room, however the screens and buzzers are at standing height only and you would be unable to read the screen or push the buzzer.

You can still participate by listening to the questions and telling your team members answers but a team member would need to press the buzzer and submit the answer on your behalf.

Is there a host?

There is no host, but you are accompanied by our lovely voiceover Amber! For one hour, the Quiz Room is yours and yours alone. Take the chance to let yourself go, have fun and express yourself. The Quiz Master checks that everything is going well and can intervene in the event of a problem.

How long does it take in total?

One session consists of 2 games that last 30 to 35 minutes each. Including the set up of the game, composition of the teams, briefing and awards ceremony you should allow 1h to 1h15 at our premise.

Do I have to pay online for everyone?

The person who makes the reservation is responsible for making the full payment.

Can we pay on site?

The reservation must be paid for online before your session time. However, additional players are welcome within the limit of 18 players per Quiz Room. These players can pay on site by credit or debit card (cash is not accepted).

What do we do if a player is unable to attend on the day?

You can bring a replacement, no problem! Just remember that if the player is not replaced, you still need a minimum of 4 people. We don't offer refunds, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Can I cancel or modify my reservation?

You can modify your reservation up to 24 hours before the time of your reservation by clicking on the email confirming your reservation, or by emailing or calling the Quiz Room centre in which you have reserved. You cannot cancel your reservation.

For more information, go to our Terms and Conditions.