You can write 10 personalised questions to entertain the teens.

Don't worry, we'll explain how to do it. This little effort will add a dose of fun and make the event all the more unique and memorable for your youth group!

To customise up to 10 questions, select this option when you book online, then follow our writing guide and submit your questions to us no later than 5 days before your booking date.

Enjoy your own space

A room or open space is available in most of our centres to extend the fun after the game. You can make use of this space to provide a debrief for your session with participants and revisit your custom questions so the answers sink in.

This could be a moment to calm down a little or to introduce the next part of the programme. You can also choose a playlist or even display a presentation.

Choose a caterer to extend the moment

Most of our centres work in partnership with quality local caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages along with non-alcoholic drinks, for all budgets, all tastes and lunch, light snack, tea time etc.

Teens and young adults will be delighted to share moments together after their Quiz Room experience to talk about those questions that got away. Ask for the catering and drinks brochure when you request a quote!

you ask a lot of questions

What activity should you organise for summer or holiday camp?

At summer camp, children want to spend unforgettable moments having fun. Your objective as a leader is to encourage autonomy and cohesion among the children: with a quiz. At Quiz Room, you can personalise the quiz and create a healthy and motivating competitive atmosphere!