the original quiz, classic trivia, fun and super immersive.

hit the buzzer on a staged TV set

Not a straight-A student?
Makes two of us.

Use your strategizing skills instead!

At Quiz Room, it's not just about being a straight-A student. Teammates can have a blast setting traps and using jokers to stump the know-it-alls. It's not just about what you know; it's how you play the game.

Who is the Quiz for?

Our game is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of your background or expertise. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how many questions you'll know! All kinds of knowledge can come in handy, whether it's recognizing celebrities, listing the ingredients for chocolate cake, or knowing Rihanna lyrics.

Our featured questions

Your experience is 100% unique, as the questions and game are tailored to the age and interests of the participants. In addition to classic international questions, our quiz also features a variety of Quebec and North-America topics. Whether you're familiar with local trivia or global knowledge, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you know!



Celebrate the bride or grooms last moments of freedom with a unique and truly personalized Quiz Room event.

If you're on the hunt for an unforgettable experience, look no further than Quiz Room.


What better way to celebrate with your family than with Quiz Room? Our concept is perfect for all generations, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings.

Come together with your family, have a blast, interact, and maybe even bicker a little (in that loving family way) – all while enjoying the immersive experience!


Are you looking for a new experience to bring your employees closer together, or simply to get your teams out of their daily routine?

Quiz Room is fantastic for team building and corporate events. It's the perfect way to build team spirit, round off a day of meetings, or reward your people for a job well done.


Each year, it's the same question: what are we doing for this birthday?

Not anymore with Quiz Room: plan the birthday party of your dreams for up to 18 people in one Quiz Room, up to 54 people across three Quiz Rooms or go big with our party options for 100+ people. Our parties are accessible and inclusive, ensuring everyone has a blast celebrating their special day.

prices & packages

Price per player
2 games
3 games
4 to 6
7 to 12
13 to 36
3rd game (on site + 30 min)
+30 min!
per pers
10 custom questions
per group

How does it work ?

Compose your quiz with at least 1 of these 6 themes. We always recommend taking a mix of all 6 for more fun!

Create your "player profile" before the session and we will be sure to adapt the questions to suit your age and interests.

On the day of the activity, just talk to your Quiz Master for any changes. They're here to help!

You don’t need to have perfect pitch to be the buzzer virtuoso! Song lyrics, song titles, lives of the stars, show off your musical culture and don't hesitate to sing along to distract your opponents.


Are you the one who always remembers those classic movie lines? Are you one of Friends biggest fans? SPOILER ALERT! Here you will find questions about the world of cinema and TV series!


Have you strengthened your game? Have you worked on your tactics? The warm-up is over, it’s competition day at Quiz Room! If you're an expert on all things sport, tie your laces and race to victory!


Who puts the chocolate in the foil? Why do the Mario Bros have a moustache? What does baboonery mean? In this category, the school of life is your biggest asset.

daily life

What is the red button in Trump's office for? Why is taking a selfie more dangerous than swimming with sharks? In which country do we live the oldest? Headlines or news items, you've definitely heard about them. Your turn.

news and society

Smarty pants! Is that what they called you in the playground? Now is the time to take revenge for all these years of suffering...amaze your little friends and make them laugh with questions on history, geography, or even quantum physics. So, who’s going to the top of the class?

top of the class

the quiz room©

Inspired by TV shows like "Millionaire Hot Seat", we've built an incredibly interactive circular set complete with lights, sounds and buzzers.

Whether you're answering questions solo or as part of a team and regardless of the number of players, get ready for an unforgettable, immersive experience!

the game

There are three rounds with different rules for each round and multiple jokers to play.

Analyse your opponents to destabilize them by playing a joker at the right time, or even benefit from their correct answer by stealing their points!

Anything can happen until the last second!
Be prepared for crazy fun, a few surprises and plenty of laughs.

Our featured questions

Our questions will keep you on your toes with a huge range of topics. Complete song lyrics, identify movie scenes, recognize a personality in a childhood photo, place a city on a map...and more!

You'll be surprised by how much you'll know! Our questions cover a wide range of topics, including those specific to Quebec along with classic international questions. So, no matter where your interests lie, there's something for everyone at Quiz Room!


3 times more fun

For those who revel in fun, laughter, and a lively atmosphere, for the perpetually energetic, and for those who refuse to let the good times end.

Personalize your questions

include up 10 personalized questions that makes up the first two parts of the game.

You can write the 10 personalized questions yourself or with the group. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the process. This small effort will add an extra dose of fun and make the event even that much more memorable!


Write up to 10 customized questions


Log on to your user account and write down the funny
(or not!) answer options


Ever fancy becoming a comedian? Quiz Room
lets you record your the voice-overs!


Surprise your team on the big day with your voice in the game!