As the best man, best friend, or brother of the groom, it's your responsibility to throw him a memorable farewell to single life!

You'll be both organizing and participating in the activity, so amidst all the options available, it's crucial to choose something truly unique. It should be an experience that all his friends will enjoy, ensuring he has an unforgettable time before the big day.

At Quiz Room, we check all the boxes and then some by offering an incredible trivia experience in our immersive room that feels just like being on a TV set.

Your goal? Score the most points during the hour, both in the game and with the groom-to-be!

Use your jokers strategically to block or steal from your opponents, but remember, they can backfire, so plan carefully. Above all, remember to have fun and create lasting memories with your crew of friends.

You can make it an even more memorable night by personalizing up to 10 questions into the game!

Quiz Room is a licensed venue, so you can toast to the groom-to-be with a few drinks (or more!) after the game.

The big day is approaching, and the bride-to-be expects her bachelorette party to be just as memorable as the wedding day itself! As part of her circle of besties, she has entrusted you with organizing a truly unforgettable celebration.

Forget all the clichés and tacky stuff, and instead, host a one-of-a-kind girls' night out for your best friend

Quiz Room offers the perfect solution for organizing the ultimate bachelorette party, providing brilliant fun for the bride who dares to be different.

Combine trivia with a captivating TV set-like environment, an element of surprise, side-splitting laughter, and an intimate atmosphere in your own private room for guaranteed excitement!

Make this bachelorette party one of the best memories for the bride, yourself, and her group of friends. Aim to score the most points during the hour - both in the game and with her!

Use your jokers to block or rob your opponents, but beware - they can turn against you, so plan your strategy carefully. Above all, remember to have fun, shower her with attention, and create memories with your besties that will last a lifetime.

You can double the fun by adding up to 10 of your own questions into the quiz games!

Quiz Room is also a licensed venue, so you can celebrate your bachelorette party success with a few drinks (or more!) after the game.


Prices per player
2 games
3 games
custom questions
per GAME
3rd game (+30 min!)
+30 min !
per pers
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3 times more fun

For those who revel in fun, laughter, and a lively atmosphere, for the perpetually energetic, and for those who refuse to let the good times end.



You can write the 10 personalized questions yourself or with the group. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the process. This small effort will add an extra dose of fun and make the event even that much more memorable!


Write up to 10 customized questions


Log on to your user account and write down the funny
(or not!) answer options


Ever fancy becoming a comedian? Quiz Room
lets you record your the voice-overs!


Surprise your team on the big day with your voice in the game!

Relax in our lounge spaces after your games (optional)

At Quiz Room, we have a spacious reception for post game drinks as well as a dedicated function space. Take the chance to chill, grab a drink and crown the Joker Master!


We work with high quality caterers to offer you a selection of catering packages for all budgets, all tastes and all times of the day.

Ask for our catering and drinks options when you request a quote!

you ask a lot of questions

How to surprise the bride-to-be ?

Organize an epic bachelorette party! Over a day or a weekend, plan surprise after surprise to make her dreams come true and show her that you care. Her bachelorette should be unforgettable. Start by finding out her availability (discreetly) and gathering her best friends around that date. As the organiser, you'll need to surprise the bride with unique, personalized activities, such as a quiz at Quiz Room.

What is the best activity for a bachelor party ?

A bachelor party needs to be original to make the day unforgettable. The activity has to be personalized, unique, fun, offbeat and, above all, well supervised to avoid any excesses! Paintball, boat trip, go-karting, laser tag or even better: a Quiz Room! Put him in the spotlight with personalized questions that will be sure to get the laughs going.

Who organizes the bachelorette's party ?

It's usually the bride's best friends who organize the event. Their role is essential! They have to come up with the most original, touching, personal, amusing and offbeat ideas! To be sure of pleasing the bride-to-be, a personalized, TV-style quiz at Quiz Room is THE right idea!

How does a bachelor party work ?

This event allows the bride-to-be to spend one last day and evening with her friends, without her future husband. This event can take many different forms, such as a dinner party, an evening in a nightclub, or an outing to Quiz Room.